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Off the Course with Michael Keeton

2016 Golfer of the Year Michael Keeton of Pierre will defend his Mid-Amateur Championship on June 3-4 at Rocky Run Golf Course in Dell Rapids.  SDGA intern Tatum Richards caught up with the Wessington Springs native in this segment of Off the Course.
SDGA: Do you have any golf superstitions or pre-round rituals?
MK: I always use a blue sharpie, I always mark my ball wita coin upside down on birdie putts and right side up on par putts. In the state match play last year at Hillsview I had the same breakfast every day, a small cup of coffee and breakfast pizza from Shell's.

SDGA: What is your go-to restaurant in Pierre?      
MK: Jake's.

SDGA: Who is your favorite PGA Tour player?
MK: William McGirt.

SDGA: Coke or Pepsi
MK: Neither. Water.

SDGA: Would you rather be plugged in a bunker or right next to a tree?

MK: Neither. But plugged in a bunker, with a six pack of Corona.

SDGA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
MK: Time Travel.

SDGA: What type of golf ball do you play?
MK: Srixon Z-Star XV, color yellow. It's easy on the eyes.

SDGA: Favorite singer of all time?
MK: My wife.

SDGA: What's your ideal Saturday?
MK: Have breakfast with my family, play 18 with buddies, float on the Missouri the rest of the afternoon.

SDGA: Favorite South Dakota course to play?
MK: Springs Country Club (in Wessington Springs).

SDGA: Biggest childhood fear?
MK: I had claustrophobia, bad.

SDGA: What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?
MK: Pay off my house.