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'Off the Course' with Alec Johnson

SDGA: You just won the State Golf Tournament. What’s next?

AJ: Working all summer and playing a few Mid-Am tournaments. Going to school to play golf at DWU in the fall.

SDGA: Do you get nervous before your first tee shot, if so, how do you calm your nerves?

AJ: I normally don’t get real nervous, but if I am I just tell myself to relax and play each shot.

SDGA: Do you call your evening meal dinner or supper?

AJ: Supper.

SDGA: Other than playing golf, how do you spend your summer?

AJ: Hang out with my friends, I like to go fishing once in a while, just being on the water.

SDGA:  If you could caddy for anyone on the tour, who would it be?

AJ: Probably Jason Day.

SDGA: Do you believe hot dogs are sandwiches?

AJ: Not sandwiches, their own separate entity.

SDGA:  What would be worse, whiffing or missing a one-footer in front of a big crowd?

AJ:  Whiffing.

SDGA:  What is your current favorite song

AJ: I like the song “Candy Paint” off Fast and the Furious right now.

SDGA:  When did you start golfing and why do you love the game?

AJ: I started when I was like 2, ever since my dad brought me out I’ve just loved it.

SDGA:  Do you prefer calling or texting?

AJ: Calling.

SDGA: Weirdest shot/lie you’ve had on the golf course?

AJ: Probably playing a shot out of the water, taking your shoes off.

SDGA: Would you ever skydive?

AJ: Yes, definitely.