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Playing Condition Calculation - POSTER

The Course Rating System, which will continue to serve as the cornerstone of handicapping when the WHS is launched next season, measures the difficulty of a golf course under normal conditions. However, a good score on a normal day may turn mediocre when the weather is challenging. In addition to the impact of Mother Nature, tough course setups such as unusual rough height or hole locations can have a significant impact. The PCC will help with seasonality where courses play longer or shorter due to soft or hard / firm conditions

When the World Handicap System launches in 2020, it will bring with it more responsiveness to these types of course scenarios with a new, exciting feature called the Playing Conditions Calculation – or PCC. The PCC will be triggered when abnormal playing conditions cause scores to be unusually high or low on a given day. 

Conservative in nature, the PCC will be an automated statistical procedure within the WH and result in a special notation in the player’s scoring record when applied. There must be at least eight scores submitted on the day of play for the adjustment to be made. If a course is having too many days that are being adjusted by PCC that would indicate that the course may need to be re-rated. 

It will be imperative that players post scores immediately after play so the PCC will be applied when appropriate.